Montreal St Before


Montreal St After



Client Testimonial

Justin is a big man, big heart, big handshake. His company, Mista Reno is a big team.

Justin is so knowledgeable in what he does. From his own skill set and has years of experience in dealing with the building industry from submitting to council, to the end. He walked with me through our entire build - sometimes being a councillor when I felt out of my depth. He treated me with respect and only ever wanted the best outcome for my husband and myself as our build progressed.

Our home was presented to us with absolute glamour – it began as a 1960’s single level 3 x 1 with an exposed carport. Now it’s a beautiful two story 4 x 2 with a covered and secure carport.

We love that we have recouped the money we spent on the build and the market and interested buyers want to view our home!

The build is finished but our friendship is not - we would highly recommend using Mista Reno if you want the best renovation in town.